Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative

In 2009, five social-service organizations offering similar services in the areas of early-childhood, after-school, workforce, and adult education programs agreed to develop a common set of outcomes for comparative insights. The goal was to make apples-to-apples data comparisons, improve program results, and build field-wide knowledge about effective practices.

Since its founding, the Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative (CBC) has employed processes that have shown a positive impact for over 12,000 children and their families in Chicago.

The CBC is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year—and launching a how-to guide to help other nonprofits increase their mission impact through collaboration.

Increasing Mission Impact Through Collaboration: Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative Processes and Toolkit provides a how-to guide for nonprofits and other colleagues in the sector and helps inform similar collaborative work. The guide includes processes for collaboration as well as how to use data for learning and improvement in new projects and established initiatives. It will detail the work and key components involved at each stage, in hopes of ultimately building a data-driven culture of collaborative learning.

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