The Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative

The Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative is an innovative nonprofit collaborative that uses data to improve outcomes for more than 4,200 low-income individuals in Chicago. 

The Chicago Benchmarking Collaborative’s Mission

Christopher House serves as Project Manager to the CBC, which consists of six nonprofits that share data to improve collective outcomes. Partners track a set of common outcomes related to early childhood, after school, and parent engagement to improve programs and reduce inefficiencies. 

How it Works

Increasing Impact

Partners use the data collected to set annual improvement plans. Last year, more than 73% of collaborators met their improvement plan goals or increased scores, resulting in higher outcomes. 

Improving Agency Practices

Partners meet monthly to brainstorm and problem solve. This monthly collaboration allows best practices to be replicated and shared among all partners, improving the services. 

Increasing Efficiencies

Because partners share resources such as professional development, data analysis, report building and software development, all partners save resources and increase the efficiency of their operations. 

Christopher House
5235 W. Belden Ave.
Chicago, IL 60639