“I gain so much more than I could ever give.”
– Sara Nuñez, Volunteer

Christopher House volunteers make a tremendous impact on the lives of the children and families that we serve. When you volunteer at Christopher House you help your community while gaining skills and meeting new people.  We need reliable, enthusiastic, compassionate, and dedicated volunteers to serve in our programs.

Think that you have the skills and drive to be a Christopher House volunteer?  Check out the sections below to learn more and get started.

Apply to Volunteer by emailing Bich Nguyen T. Nguyen, at bnguyen@christopherhouse.org to be directed to the proper department. Please describe your background and field of interest in volunteering.

Special Event Volunteers

Special event volunteers help make sure Christopher House events are successful!
Email volutneer@christopherhouse.org to receive notifications whenever we have a special event and need volunteers.

Ongoing Opportunities:
Ongoing volunteers are a valuable resource at Christopher House and are essential to our programs.


The Christopher House Youth Leadership program serves middle and high school students by providing academic support, college and career exploration assistance, emotional support, social experiences, and the individual attention and concern they deserve.  The program matches volunteer mentors in a one-on-one match with students who are transitioning from middle school to high school or from high school to college.

The program relies on the positive relationship between mentor and mentee, promoting an atmosphere of support where students are encouraged to reach their potential. By providing academic support, encouraging good decision-making and time-management skills, and providing individual attention and assistance, mentors strengthen a student’s capacity to succeed.  This is an excellent opportunity for dedicated volunteers who are interested in building a relationship with an individual student to help them succeed and reach their goals.

Mentors will spend 1-2 hours weekly meeting with one student on an ongoing basis. The meeting time will be at a mutually agreeable time for the mentor and student. Mentors will help students prepare for high school or college by researching schools and identifying a range of schools that fit the student’s needs. Mentors will also help students create resumes, apply for jobs, and identify their own strengths and passions. Mentors may assist students with homework depending on their strengths and the student’s needs. There may be opportunities to accompany students on field trips to nearby colleges, museums, and sporting events.

Mentors must be 18 years or older.  Mentors should be dedicated, compassionate, and patient with a genuine interest in helping students succeed.  All mentors are subject to a background check and will be asked to complete additional training with our Youth Leadership staff.

All mentors working with students who are actively preparing for college must be college graduates or currently enrolled in college. Those enrolled in college are required to maintain a GPA of 2.75 or above.

Time Commitment
We are currently recruiting mentors. Individuals who can commit for a full school year are preferred. A mentor’s minimum time commitment is 8 hours per month during the academic year, somewhat less during the summer.


The Christopher House ESL program is for adults (18 years +) working to break down language barriers professionally and in their personal lives.  Volunteers can assist in classrooms of up to 25 students, facilitate small groups, and tutor one-on-one. Christopher House provides volunteers with a free 12-hour training as well as additional opportunities to enhance their tutoring skills.

All ESL tutors must be at least 18 years old. The ability to speak a language beside English is NOT required.

Time Commitment
Minimum commitment of two hours (one shift) per week for four months.

Current Opportunities
In Belmont Cragin (5235 W. Belden), one day or evening a week, Monday-Thursday; 12:00pm-2:00pm or 7:00pm-9:00pm.


Christopher House’s School Age program serves youth ages 5-12 after school Monday-Friday and full-day during the summer.

Tutors assist grade school students with homework and academic enrichment projects. The program relies on the commitment of dedicated volunteers who are able to build a relationship with the student, promoting an atmosphere where learning is enjoyable and students are encouraged to reach their full potential.  Volunteers are paired one-on-one or in small groups with students in grades K-5 for one-hour tutoring sessions during the school year. Volunteers are expected to meet with the same student on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

All one-on-one tutors must be at least 16-years old* and are subject to a background check.  Ideal candidates are positive and encouraging individuals who are committed to students’ learning. Candidates will have the academic ability to comprehend and teach K-5 grade material with care given to match tutors in areas that highlight their strengths.  All tutors must be responsible, reliable, demonstrate professionalism, and have the ability to connect with school age youth. 

*If under 18, a signed parental/guardian permission form is required. Tutors under 18 must be at least 5 years older than their tutee match.

Time Commitment
We require a minimum commitment of one hour, two hours strongly encouraged.

Current Opportunities

At our Logan Square (3255 W. Altgeld), Belmont Cragin (5235 W. Belden), and Uptown (4701 N. Winthrop) sites:
One to two hours a week, Monday-Thursday afternoons

If you have any questions about our volunteer program, please contact our volunteer coordinator here.

Interview Tips:

  • Come prepared with questions.  This interview is an opportunity for you to ask any questions about Christopher House and for us to learn about you. We want to make sure that both sides feel like a good match is possible before continuing forward.
  • If you are selected to move forward after the initial interview, you will be advised of the remaining requirements for your volunteer program of interest, such as additional interviews, training, orientation, background checks, etc.  All volunteers who are 18 years or older must have a background check. Some volunteer positions require a medical report.