Mariano and Melanie’s Story

Mariano lost his wife to cancer when their daughter was just two years old. “When her mom passed, I was so lost – what am I supposed to do?” he remembers. Searching for a solution to childcare while working and finishing his degree in mechanics, a friend suggested Christopher House.

After taking a tour, Mariano enrolled his daughter, Melanie, at our Logan Square center and was thrilled with the amount of help Christopher House provided in such a stressful time.

Mariano says of the struggle, “I’m a single dad, I work, I take care of my parents – it’s kind of hard.” Christopher House was there to help, “It was great having help,” he says, “when we are home, it’s just Melanie and me, but they told me, ‘Text me, call me’ – like a hotline.”

Now Melanie is at the elementary school in second grade and Christopher House is part of the family. “It feels family oriented – you have a friend no matter what,” says Mariano.